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Tired of a corporate world of reports and data collection, where quarterly returns are more
important than providing long term solutions for our customers, and where decisions are
made thousands of miles from the heart of the operation with no input from those that made
it happen in the trenches. True Solutions was born.
From our conception, we have focused on delivering results. We pride ourselves on our
ability to implement a customized program designed to meet the needs of each customer.
We work hard to recruit talented leaders that are just as tired of our company-first approach
that drives our largest competitors. We are proud that we have created a company that
delivers results, and puts our customers and our employees first.
To this day, in our young company we continue to drive the change described above. This
approach has led to strong company growth, and we work hard everyday to engrain in our
team and our culture that our clients always come first.
We are an Oklahoma based company, but we continue to grow within, and outside of our
state’s borders, as we look for not just new customers, but partners that want to work with
us to improve patient, customer, and employee satisfaction.
Currently True Solutions is dedicated to providing the expertise and services that has
developed over the course of many years of experience in the support services industry.
These customers range from Hospitals, Physician Clinics, Outpatient surgery facilities,
Higher Education, K-12, Assisted Living Centers, as well and many other facilities that can
benefit from our services.
True Solutions provides these services through Full-service contracts, management
contracts and consulting services, whatever best fits the needs of our clients.
When you hire us, you are hiring a company built around one mission, and one focus, to
improve the lives of those we serve. This is what we know, and what we do, it is our
passion, and we set out to get better every day, to lead the Industry and set the pace.

About: About


Founder and CEO

True Solutions was named to include Jason's middle name of 'True', of which he is very proud. The name True has been passed down through generations since the 1700s. 

In the role of CEO and throughout his career, he has become known for his project management skills, ability to drive results, and for his dedication to his clients, customers, and associates. Jason has help many positions throughout the support services industry, including Environmental Services, Patient transportation, Linen and Laundry Services, and Landscaping.

Serving as an industry expert, Jason has leveraged his insight to increase patient, employee, and customer satisfaction while driving out costs and increasing productivity. He has earned the trust and respect of many Healthcare CEO's and leaders throughout his career, many of whim have since hired True Solutions to improve quality, productivity, and reduce costs in their support service departments. With a track record of improved results, Jason has had the privilege of holding many leadership positions in facilities ranging from large hospitals to regional positions with responsibilities for budgets of $40 million dollars annually.  

Jason holds a Business Administration degree from Southern Nazarene University and a MBA from the University of Phoenix. He is a dedicated family man, who serves faithfully in his church and community. For fun, Jason likes to spend time on the golf course with his daughters, grilling meals for family and friends, and working on a truck he inherited from his grandfather.  



- Environmental Services
- Nutritional & Dietary Services
- Laundry & Linen Management
- Patient & Equipment Flow
- Grounds Maintenance

Hospital Bed


- Environmental Services
- Dinning Services
- Laundry Linen Management
- Facility Management
- Grounds Maintenance


- Environmental Services
- Grounds Maintenance

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- Environmental Services
- Food Services
- Laundry & Linen Services
- Patient Flow & Equipment Services


- Environmental Services

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